The National Chorus of Korea, the country’s first professional chorus and its leading choral organization,
was founded in 1973 with the main objective of pursuing the professional and artistic aspects of choral singing.
In 2000, the National Chorus of Korea became an independent art organization
under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and restarted as an incorporated foundation.
Currently, the chorus performs four subscription concerts and over sixty performances annually,
including project concerts, provincial concerts, overseas concerts, guest appearances, and official events.


The National Chorus of Korea has introduced an expansive repertoire to Korean audiences.
The chorus has premiered a wealth of well-known choral works by famous composers
such as Handel, Bach, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Brahms, and Carl Orff.
Moreover, the chorus is deeply committed to the development of choral music in Korea and expanding its global popularization.
Their tasks involve development and dissemination of Korean creative choral works,
researching the way to express distinct vocal and musical styles portraying many of the special characteristics of Korean culture,
and the formulation of methods of interpreting a variety of styles of music.


– Establishment of the NCK 

(part of National Theater of Korea)


– Establishment of the NCK as a foundation


– Independent operation as a foundation
relocating to Seoul Arts Center


– Designation as a public service corporation


– Opening of the NCK Studio in the
National Performing Arts Studio Complex


– Inauguration of 10th artistic director
Euijoong Yoon


'Subscription Concerts' to pursue the artistry and professionalism of choral music

The National Chorus of Korea will program authentic choral music with regular performances four times a year to plan artistic and complete performances. By bringing a wide range of repertoire from Renaissance to modern times and world famous choral music to the stage, it is widely digesting all genres of choral music.In addition, new composers write and arrange Korean songs and folk songs, which are well known to the public, from a young perspective, and contribute to the diversification of choral music and the development of choral culture through the development and dissemination of Korean-style choral songs containing our history, culture and emotions.

'Project Concerts' that strives to spread and popularize choral music

The National Chorus of Korea is conducting various planned performances to expand the base of domestic choir music. It will develop a wide range of performance repertoires so that chorus music can reach a wider audience, thereby infusing rich meaning into the chorus and taking the lead in popularizing chorus performances. Various planned performances, such as March 1 Independence Day commemorative performances, summer chorus festivals, media concerts, and national theater repertoire season programs, are empowering the infinite expansion and active distribution of choral music.


'Provincial Concerts' to revitalize culture and arts and expand enjoyment

The National Chorus of Korea is meeting with local audiences at the invitation of concerts through local governments, performance halls, and local arts organizations. It is increasing the right to enjoy culture for local cultural centers and nearby underprivileged facilities in areas with low financial independence, and is also participating in the “Cultural Sympathy in every corner” project to enhance the level of local culture and arts. It is actively contributing to the promotion of cultural sharing by promoting an average of more than 12 performances per year nationwide.

'Overseas Concerts' promoting globalization of korean chorus

In order to enhance the advanced status of the Korean chorus by touring Western music’s major countries, it hosts invited performances at leading music festivals and performance halls in Asia, the Americas, and Europe every year. In particular, in order to show that Korean music is the most global on the big international stage, including invitational concerts at the Berlin International Music Festival in 2009, 2011 and 2013 and concerts commemorating the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Kazakhstan in 2017, it is actively promoting the globalization of Korean choral music. Since 2021, K-classics containing Korean national sentiment with deep culture and history have been actively promoted and distributed overseas to expand the demand for Korean chorus content at home and abroad.

'Guest Appearances' through collaborations and invitations from related art organizations

The National Chorus of Korea communicates with the people through more diverse appearances and repertoires through external appearances. It provides high-quality performances due to collaborative proposals from numerous art organizations and requests from agencies for concerts, and contributes to the development of culture and arts by participating in various performances. In particular, he is showing his skills as a symphonic quire required for collaboration with the orchestra, and in the case of opera, he is focusing on improving the quality of Korean performing arts by performing opera choruses as important as the aria of leading vocalists.